XIS-6040 VI-3D (Semi-3D)

Surround view display

The 6040 VI-3D features a display that rotates through three views, each from a different vantage point. With a unique 3D View experience, the 6040 VI-3D enhances operator depth perception and object visibility to eliminate blind spots.

With a tunnel opening of 62.1 cm x 42 cm (23.63” x 16.54”) and a 180kV generator, the 6040 VI-3D is a compact and powerful system ideal for screening small to medium size parcels. The Astrophysics 3D View technology heightens the imaging capabilities of the traditional single generator source.

The VI Series upgrades and stainless steel accents accentuate the 6040 VI-3D technology. With a 24″ LCD color monitor, the 6040VI-3D boasts a large, high quality image for enhanced threat detection.

Astrophysics 3D View, a higher class of x-ray technology.


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