Is flexible deployment of X-ray equipment and metal detection the solution?

“Again smuggled goods discovered in prison”, written by De Telegraaf on the 26th of August 2019. Illegal smuggled goods (contraband) are still a major problem in prisons today. Narcotic drugs, minuscule telephones, weapons; detainees sometimes outsmart prison guards.

Current available resources to inspect the rooms of detainees for contraband have not changed in the recent decade. However, innovative solutions are possibly available. In fact: X-ray baggage inspection systems and metal detection poles offer significant benefits!

Where tracking dogs may become distracted and tired over time, an X-Ray baggage scanner or a metal detection pole always fully works 100%. Detecting odorless objects with dogs is also not an option. Secondly, hiding small objects such as a miniscule telephone is a sport for prisoners: finding these objects without X-ray systems is a sport for prison guards too. But how do new innovations potentially contribute to the prevention of contraband in prisons?

X-ray baggage scanners

An X-ray baggage scanner can be used to screen the objects and products of rooms in order to detect the hidden miniscule telephone. For example in bed linen or even in a portable radio. Read more about baggage scanners.

Metal detection pole

Portable MSD packed


Walk through MSD

Minuscule cellphone

For large objects such as a mattress, the mobile and portable metal detection pole (the MSD Magneto Static Detector from CEIA) offers great advantages. The prison guard places the metal detection pole at the cell door and walks alongside the pole with the large objects. Metal materials and miniscule telephones are immediately detectable! Setup in a corridor is also an option.

Mobile X-ray scanners from Astrophysics offer a solution!

XIS-6040N Event Edition

XIS-6040N Event Edition

Regular baggage scanners can be used preventively and are often location specific. Mobile X-ray scanners have been developed for rapid transfer (placement) and direct intervention. The video below demonstrates how the Astrophysics XIS-6040SE X-ray baggage scanner is ready for use in just 70 seconds and guarantees [1] fast placement and [2] immediate intervention.

Watch the "baggage scanner within 70 seconds ready for use" video!

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