The Astrophysics 3D Multi-View CT (MVCT) X-ray inspection system is a unique, breakthrough solution for screening medium-to-high density cargo.

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By combining two complementary techniques, multi-view radiographic (X-ray) transmission and 3D computed tomography (CT), this high-powered system allows rapid and effective cargo inspections for:

  • airlines
  • freight forwarders
  • customs and border control
  • harbours
  • government agencies
Astrophysics MVCT PEO Radiation Technology

System dimensions (WxH): 1260 x 453 x 296 cm, tunnel dimensions (WxH): 125,7 x 170,2 cm

Efficiency & throughput

The system is powered by a 450kV generator that provides contrast screening of dense cargo and twice the penetration (minimum 90 mm through steel) of a standard cargo X-ray system.
The clarity of the Multi-View CT images allows operators to identify threats in any location within the cargo pallet, up to four times the screening speed of conventional cargo X-ray alone.

Astrophysics MVCT cargo inspection system PEO Radiation Technology

‘Examine complex and cluttered pallets’

Advantages Astrophysics MVCT

  • fewer false alarms and less need for break-bulk screening è reduces labour costs and increases productivity
  • high throughput:
    • Multiple-View mode: 60 pallets per hour
    • Computed Tomography (CT) mode: 20 pallets per hour
  • unparalleled image quality
  • full 360 degree view
  • easy operation
  • PEO Support

Check datasheet for specifications

Multi-View CT Full 3D Cargo Inspection

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