Safety is the top priority for event and festival organizers. An access control system with baggage scanners to exclude suspicious objects and prohibited substances from the festival site is of vital importance.
In order to make access control at events and festivals as efficient and simple as possible, Astrophysics introduces the XIS-6040N ‘Event Edition’.

Ready for use!

Advantages XIS-6040N ‘Event Edition’

  • folding roller table (no tools needed!)
  • mobile version: large wheels with independent suspension → easy to mobilize on festival grounds
  • spill proof conveyor bed with custom catch tray
  • folding monitor arm
  • tunnel extensions with collapsible protective caps
  • handles on the frame

XIS-6040N Event Edition

This baggage scanner is ready-to-use within 70 seconds!

PEO also rents out baggage scanners. The appointed personnel receive training from our PEO specialist beforehand so that they are competent to use.

Benefits of renting X-ray baggage scanners

  • no storage of system
  • delivery and installation on location
  • on-site and remote service
  • budget-friendly
  • unlimited rental period

Would you like to have more information? Or a demonstration in our demo showroom?

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