Logo AstrophysicsThe Astrophysics VI7 generates an image from seven different angles. This ‘surround view’ technology improves the depth perception of the operator.
It results in a Semi-3D related image.

Semi-3D technology

Hidden items, in or behind others or in the side of the luggage, are easier to find with the semi-3D technology and decreases the risk of a threat. The Astrophysics VI7 is compatible with semi-big luggage and e.g. usable at entrances of government buildings. Click on the scanned suitcase below to get a better idea of the Semi-3D simulation and find the four kinds of contraband.


Measurements Astrophysics VI7

  • Tunnel ( W x H ): 62.1 cm x 41.7 cm
  • System ( W x H x L ): 274.0 cm x 120 cm x 153.3 cm


  • X-Ray generator: 180 kV (165 kV when used)
  • Capacity of the baggage claim: 165 kg
  • Speed of the baggage claim: 23 cm/s (both ways)
  • height of the baggage claim: 70 cm
  • Display: 24″ LCD screen ‘Jitter-Free’
  • Smart software for semi-3D perception.
  • Seven angles of an object


  • Faster handling, seven automatic images
  • No need for a second check
  • Superior image quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Optimal material identification
  • Operator independant


Datasheet VI7


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Astrophysics VI7



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