Tailored X-ray baggage scan and metal detection systems: PEO security is your point of contact

X-ray baggage scanners

Do you work in locations with an increased safety level and do you need to scan baggage on the spot 🛃 🛅? PEO security offers you X-ray baggage scanners tailored to your work environment. PEO security supplies TSA certified baggage scan detection systems from the American manufacturer Astrophysics. The manufacturer is specialized in high quality X-ray detection systems. The systems are available in different sizes and suitable for luggage and cargo.

Astrophysics XIS 6040 VI-3D - X-ray baggage scanner

The Astrophysics X-ray baggage scanners are available with robust wheels, so you can easily move the baggage scanner. The tunnel sizes vary, of which the smallest variant and also the most budget-friendly Astrophysics 5335 X-ray baggage scanner is 53.3cm × 35.6 cm. The X-ray generator of the Astrophysics (Semi 3D) XIS-6040 VI-3D works at 180kV.

The X-ray baggage scanners work within a temperature range of 0 ° C to 40 ° C. As a result, the Astrophysics baggage scanners have the advantage of being operational on hot summer days at festivals, events or in a warm hall at an airport. The Astrophysics X-ray baggage scanners have a throughput of 20 cm/sec.

Characteristics Astrophysics X-ray baggage scanners

  • Semi 3D – VI7 – image (Stanley Knife in the left side of the suitcase boarding)

    Semi 3D image (optional)
  • mobile and user-friendly
  • safe to use
  • TSA certified
  • up to 6 color images in superior image sharpness

X-ray luggage scanner Semi-3D

Semi-3D technology met meervoudige detector arrays

Semi-3D 7 angles X-ray baggage scanner

The Astrophysics VI7 is a baggage scanner that generates images from seven different viewing angles. This ‘surround view’ technology increases the depth perception of the operator and results in a semi-3D perspective. Hidden items behind other objects or in the side of the suitcase are therefore easier to trace, which leads to more certainty about possible threats. The VIS is suitable for medium-sized baggage, for example for access control in government buildings such as prisons, but also aviation and distribution centers.

PEO also offers the budget-friendly Semi 3D XIS-6040 VI-3D version for smaller environments and for small packages. Would you like a summary of the semi-3D technology? Click on the button below and see if you can find the hidden items.

Advantages XIS-6040 VI-3D baggage scanner

  • faster passage, instant 3 images (Semi 3D)
  • superior quality image display, no need for second or third check
  • easy to operate
  • optimal material identification
  • operator independent
  • budget-friendly

Datasheet 6040-VI-3D 📁

Advantages X-ray baggage scanner VI7

  • 7 measuring points (Semi 3D)
  • clearer images
  • larger tunnel size
  • very robust

Datasheet VI7 📁

Event/Festival X-ray Baggage scanner (rent possible)

6040 Event Edition baggage scanner

6040 Event Edition baggage scanner

Safety is the top priority for festival organizers. PEO security also rents out baggage scanners! As a result, your organization is able to check (random) baggage and thereby detect suspicious objects and keep away prohibited items from the festival grounds.
The appointed personnel receive training from our PEO specialist beforehand so that they are competent to use. The scanners also increase the safety perception of visitors.

XIS-6040SE Event Edition baggage scanner

The Astrophysics XIS-6040SE Event Edition is the latest version of the 6040 baggage scanner series. This system can be used very quickly thanks to the two collapsible roller benches and the robust wheels, specially developed to be directly operational at events and festivals.

If you want your access control to be as efficient and simple as possible, rent your X-ray baggage scanner at PEO security! Curious about the baggage scanner rental conditions? Contact PEO security!

Benefits of renting X-ray baggage scanners

  • delivery and installation on location
  • on-site and remote service
  • budget-friendly (cheaper than purchase)
  • unlimited rental period
  • no storage of system

    PEO – security festival rent baggage scanner

This baggage scanner is ready-to-use within 70 seconds!

This baggage scanner fits through a standard door (also the Multi-View version)!

Sturdy XIS-7555R X-Ray baggage scanner for foreign missions

rugged X-ray Baggage scanner - military

rugged X-ray Baggage scanner – military

Astrophysics has supplied a XIS-7555R-ruggedized baggage scanner system to a United States Navy aircraft carrier. The most robust system ever, is the first delivery of a contract won last year.

In a large field of competitors, Astrophysics’ XIS-7555R X-Ray baggage scanning system came out on top. After extensive testing by skilled navy personnel, the system was found to comply perfectly with the heavy user requirements, including drip-proof and shockproof.

Metal detection systems and hand-held metal detectors for people

Astrophysics CEIA-HI-PE-Plus metal detection system

Astrophysics CEIA-HI-PE-Plus metal detection system

The metal detection systems are of high quality and robust. If desired, PEO delivers a complete metal detection system at your location. The systems work 24/7 to guarantee safety in the environment and to people. The metal detection systems are robust systems from the manufacturer CEIA.

Mobile X-ray baggage scanner XIS-Truck

XIS-TRUCK - Astrophysics - X-ray baggage scanner

XIS-TRUCK – Astrophysics X-ray baggage scanner

The XIS-Truck is designed for outdoor events, border control points and various mobile situations and can scan various packages, baggage and cargo for explosives and contraband. The XIS-Truck combines a powerful vehicle with a state-of-the-art XIS system. It has an extended conveyor belt, custom-made retractable awnings and a built-in monitor stand for quick and easy baggage scans.

X-ray vehicle scanners

Tesla X-Ray vehicle and truck scanner

Tesla X-Ray vehicle and truck scanner

The Astrophysics HXC-320 X-ray vehicle scanner is specially designed for scanning cars and motor vehicles with a maximum height of 2.7 meters and a width of 2.6 meters. The HXC-320 X-ray scans vehicles to detect smuggled goods, explosives or narcotics. It has a 320 kV X-ray generator that makes the vehicle scanner work as a drive-through portal; the driver and passengers can remain seated. Exposure to radiation is equivalent to eating only one banana. Thanks to the simple X-ray process, the automated operation and the quick processing, there is no need for manual inspection. The HXC-320 only needs six seconds to generate a complete picture. 300+ vehicles per hour scanning is therefore possible! Access points with a high throughput speed therefore

X-ray freight control

HXP - Astrophysics X-ray vehicle and truck scanner

HXP – Astrophysics X-ray vehicle and truck scanner

PEO security strives to support agencies such as border patrols, customs and police to detect contraband, weapons and other security threats. The Astrophysics HXP is used to inspect cargo and give verification of the manifest.

The simple drive-through process allows drivers to stay in their cab because the X-ray starts after the driver has passed a specific point. The automated scanning procedure offers simplicity and speed, so that employees can concentrate on other important tasks.

PEO Support and service agreements

PEO ensures that your system operates optimally. Our certified specialists give clear explanations about the operation of the equipment and guide the staff with the various functions. Separate training for your staff is possible. You have one point of contact for all technical aspects.

PEO likes to think along with you how baggage scanners and detection gates can best be used for your access control and security challenge. To make your application even more complete, PEO offers service agreements that give you numerous benefits. Read more about the service agreements.

Do you want to know more? Or a complete live demonstration at PEO in Wijchen? Discuss it with PEO!

PEO also delivers in Germany. Contact us for more information and delivery terms.


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