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The Golden Engineering XR150 has been redesigned with a 16 character LCD (8×2) menu based interface. The XR150 is a 150 kV, battery powered unit. The menu based electronics allow operators to enter up to 999 count in multiple pulse trains.

The redesigned XR150 X-ray source is powered by a DeWalt® 12v Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

XR150 X-ray Source features

  • Dimensions: 103 x 77 x 230 mm, 2.1 kg
  • Output Dose: 3.1 mR/count, measured 12 inches from source
  • Pulse Rate: 4 counts per second
  • Source Size: 3 mm
  • Maximum Photon Energy: 150 kVp
  • Pulse Width: 50 nanoseconds
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 100 counts (300 pulses) every 4 minutes (4500 pulses per hr)


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