• expertise and custom-made solutions

    The PEOneers provide expertise and custom-made solutions in the field of professional measuring and detection of radiation, light, position and colour, inspired by a solution centered working-method.

    Emile de Kler
  • Honest and reliable / solid solutions for all your questions and needs, that is what I stand for.
    Peter Dejonge
    director Belgium
  • Finding solutions with clients and translate these into specific products for QA and dosimetry; that is my mission.
    Joris Schoenaers
    application engineer
  • Building and managing customer relationships motivates me to give my greatest effort at work every day.
    Vincent Kroeze
    sales engineer
  • I support you in your measurement application and aim for optimal service and quality.
    Tommy Hermans
    service & QA specialist
  • We reflect our joy of working at PEO by delivering accurate work and by being friendly and motivated.
    Léonie Pas, Adrienne de Vet & Sandra Festen
    office / finance support
  • Keeping in contact with clients to find solutions with each other which results in work process improvement(s) in particular and customer care in general.
    Luc Kluiters


PEO is expanding! New PEOneer Jan Faber (service support)

PEO strengthens the support department with our new colleague Jan Faber. Given his extensive experience he will initially start with Astrophysics bagagescan- and port detection systems; later also medical technical support. In addition, PEO has a wider internal technical support through its specialist expertise. Added value for you as a customer: Technical Support Knowledge in the field of XIS...
19 Dec 17

Astrophysics X-ray inspection systems selected for security 2018 Winter Olympics

100 Astrophysics (USA) has been selected by the Organizing Committee to supply X-ray scanners for next year’s 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The TSA approved X-ray inspection systems will be used to secure the venues, screen spectators and inspect shipments at the Olympic Games. Systems ranging from checkpoint units up to...

View the PEO Semi 3D presentation of the Amsterdam Security Expo

In addition to the Amsterdam Security Expo 2017, hereby the PEO Semi 3D Presentation. Click on the belowed image for the presentation. Do you want to learn more? Discuss it with PEO!   Stay informed about product news, which is related to your field of expertise. Go to the PEO news sign up form.

6 Nov 17