• expertise and custom-made solutions

    The PEOneers provide expertise and custom-made solutions in the field of professional measuring and detection of radiation, light, position and colour, inspired by a solution centered working-method.

    Emile de Kler
  • Honest and reliable / solid solutions for all your questions and needs, that is what I stand for.
    Peter Dejonge
    director Belgium
  • Finding solutions with clients and translate these into specific products for QA and dosimetry; that is my mission.
    Joris Schoenaers
    application engineer
  • Building and managing customer relationships motivates me to give my greatest effort at work every day.
    Vincent Kroeze
    sales engineer
  • I support you in your measurement application and aim for optimal service and quality.
    Tommy Hermans
    service & QA specialist
  • We reflect our joy of working at PEO by delivering accurate work and by being friendly and motivated.
    Léonie Pas, Adrienne de Vet & Sandra Festen
    office / finance support
  • Keeping in contact with clients to find solutions with each other which results in work process improvement(s) in particular and customer care in general.
    Luc Kluiters


Let’s Talk Semi-3D: visit PEO at the Amsterdam Security Expo 2017

PEO Security is present at the Amsterdam Security Expo (ASE) 31 October to 2 November 2017 in the RAI Amsterdam! Visit us at the PEO booth (No. 12.417) and experience the new budget-friendly Semi-3D technology! This technology, soon available, features a display that rotates through 7 views, each showing the same bag from a distinctive, unique vantage...
8 Sep 17

Tesla through Astrophysics HXC-320 X-ray vehicle scanner

The Astrophysics HXC-320 Vehicle Scanner is specifically designed to scan cars and motor vehicles with a maximum height of 2.7 meters and a width of 2.6 meters. Tesla screening; high resolution display in just 6 seconds! The HXC-320 scans 180 cars per hour and only needs 6 seconds to create a crisp image. In the...
22 Jun 17

X-ray inspection systems: a PEO solution for every market

Our skilled, qualified staff with expertise in radiation safety & expertise will be happy to provide you with a solution for your access control system at: airports terminals the customs courts government buildings prisons events logistics centers ports In addition, we provide portal metal detectors and visitation detectors Unique characteristics six-color imaging; better visual discrimination...
20 Jun 17